Aeromexico Connect (Aerolitoral) Embraer ERJ-145

Picture by Jesus Gomez, Jetphotos.
This aircraft used to give service around Mexico, the U.S, Central America, and the Caribbean. (Currently Aeromexico Connect retired this fleet in this year 2017). Personally would love to have this aircraft and livery because it was the first aircraft and airline that I had got on when I came to Atlanta and the cabin was descent for a short flight. I want to simulate my flight from San Salvador to Mexico City once this aircraft and this livery is added, other people can do short to medium haul flights across Mexico, Central America, the U.S, and the Carribean enjoying the scenery along with the aircraft and livery. About the Embraer E145

This would be great to have!, Aeromexico connect would be great on the ERJ-190 especially now with Mexico having high quality imagery!


very cool looking plane need more aeromexico planes in the sim sadly im out of votes


Looks nice, I can see myself flying this around Mexico when Global comes out. 🤙🏾🇦🇺.

Don’t forget to vote for it yourself, @Bryant_Lol.


Ohh, yes please! I would love to have and fly this.


Are you from Mexico? Cause if so I can understand your enthusiasm for this livery :)


No I’m from El Salvador, the reason I requested this is because I love the design and this was actually the first aircraft and airline I had got on. And I speak Spanish though

That’s cool! This livery isn’t that bad

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