Aeromexico Boeing 787-9

I would love to see this livery in Infinite Flight!
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Woody Aeroimages
Share your comments and thoughts about the livery!


Really going full out on the #features requests today , keep’em coming ! :)

Is it possible to have two liveries on the same plane of the same airline? Like the 787-9 “Quetzalcoatl” and this one?


The Boeing 777-200ER has both the older American Airlines and AA One World liveries. If theres a big enough demand I’m sure it is possible FDS could put both.


Would be nice to have this livery in the 787-9, it’s just perfect like the quetzacoalt livery.


This aircraft will look amazing in the sim, I hope to see it in a future with the Quetzalcóatl Livery.

Aeromexico has the my favorite livery, I hope to see this one or more especially the Quetzalcoatl livery on the 787-9 in IF in the future!

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A little nudge here. We need this livery I just don’t like the one i n the 787-8 it makes it look short

I agree, I would love to see more liveries on the 787-9. Aeromexico has a large fleet of the 787-9’s, and I’d love to fly with this livery. 👍


And then I just hope that they add the quetzalcoatl Livery with it

I really want it

Aeroméxico 787-9 and the Quetzalcóatl one 😉😍

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