Aeroméxico Boeing 737 hits utility truck after landing at Los Angeles

On the 20th of May, an Aeroméxico Boeing 737 operating flight AM642 from Mexico City to Los Angeles, hit a utility truck while taxiing after landing, causing the vehicle to tip over. Eight people have reportedly been injured, with two in a critical condition. None of the 146 passengers and crew onboard were injured


This shouldn’t happen!

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This incident seem strange. Look like truck was moving from left to right from pilot’s perspective so there are like 2 possible causes. One, truck didn’t wait for plane to pass and tried to beat plane, but got flipped by right wing. Two, truck was legally crossing the taxiway and maybe mechanical issue caused it to slow down unexpectedly that pilot couldn’t stop in time. If 2nd cause was the case, pilot should have seen truck crossing and should have waited for him to get far away from taxiway before moving. Still through I wasn’t there to see the incident in person so all I can do is just to imagine how hell it happened.



Um, did you mean I’m glad anyone didn’t get severe injury

Max Sez: Dup, See today’s MaxAvwklyAccidant/Incidant Rpt.

Yes… I feel bad for them that got some light injuries, but I’m glad that NO ONE got severe injuries. Cheers

Well that’s evil l know what you really mean

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