Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 w/split scimitars

This has my vote, I’d love for this to come into IF!

Yeah would love this, way better than the 737-700 as most operations are on the -800 and the split scimitars are absolutley beautiful.

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Im actually flying this plane on thursday and next week!

Some cool 737 at Quito, would be nice to have this livery on IF !


1 more for 70 verified supporters?

This livery, like many others, is really needed. I really wish to do MEX-LIM with that plane some day :D

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I’m the 70th voter ! I really would like to see this livery on IF and do some cool routes as Quito to Ciudad de Mexico !


Pero United ya tiene el 738 y 739

We need this livery on IF

There is no end in routes with this aircraft. It is indeed truly necessary