Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 w/split scimitars.


It could also be the first in-game Boeing 737 with split scimitars.

Aeromexico Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737 Rework
Boeing 737 Rework

I would personally like the United to have them first (sorry slightly off topic)


But their livery isn´t as colourful as Aeromexico´s.


That’s true idk I just love the look of it tho


Such a sexy plane ~_~


There definitely should be an update of this with Southwest. United, Delta, Alaskan, etc.


Maybe when those airlines have most of its 737 fleet with scimitar equipped aircrafts.


Virgin Australia as well! This isn’t requesting.


We don’t have Virgin Australia 737s. So they can wait for that airline.


Expected soon though my friend, the orders are taken. Virgin Aus will be a large customer!

Sorry off topic


My favourite airline, my favourite aircraft, the best conbination <3


Love the split scimitars, looks so good!


Oh I’d like to see this in IF!


Must have!


If they add scimitar winglets I’d love it


Definitely love this! 👏👏👏


Oh yeah baby scimitars are so damm hot


I guess this would be an absolutley amazing livery to come along with the 737 rework!


Aircraft needed for Mexican routes. I hope to see this livery in a rework of the B737.


I would LOVE if they added these beautiful winglets. Or just add the 737 max👌🏻