Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 w/ Split Scimitars, Air India 77W, TAM 77W


Came in much closer than the other airplanes. ^




JFK Runway 13L

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*Scimitars ;)

Also the Southwest B738 in the App (N8301J) features them in real world.

Looks like your camera lens isn’t the cleanest :)

I can see the little dots on the lens, but anyway, nice pictures!

Thannks for for correction. I used to say Ethiad for a long time and it was so embarrassing when I was told “It’s Etihad-You’ve been saying it wrong for 5 years” 😂. Better now than later…

Camera lens has two spots on it. Never bothered to clean or edit out thise spots. I’m vety lazy 😁

Actually there are eight spots :P

Yeah, just noticed!

Ok you don’t have to rub it in.