Aeromexico Boeing 737-700 (old livery)

Sorry if this is a duplicate.

Hello everyone, I am here with a new feature request for the Aeromexico Boeing 737-700 Bare Metal or Old Livery. Now since we already have the Aeromexico new livery in IF, I think it would be great to add the old one to be alongside the new one!

The picture above is an image I took of it!

Were these transferred from AA or was that their full livery?


I have seem this livery a few times in MPTO, looks very nice, @Lalo_Marlin will surely love this one.


This was the previous Aeromexico livery, it doesn’t have nothing to do with American at all.


No, this was actually there original livery that they used to use.


How I do love them Chrome liveries!


It suited and still suits the plane well!

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Absolutely, great request for a great livery!


I’m out of votes 😡 but I do hope to see this livery make it into the sim.


Darn, I hate it when that happens!

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I like the look of the metal on this aircraft livery! :)

The metal makes it look so different compared to its current look.

I just love bare metal liveries ❤️ This must make it into IF! 🤞

Maybe we can have this along with the update

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Hey, that’d actually be pretty neat. I’ve never seen this aircraft irl but it looks stunning!

They have this livery on the B757-200 in IF, which is no longer flying. However some 737-700s in the Aeromexico fleet still fly with this livery today! I flew on one in April. It would be nice to have this available in IF too.

This livery needs a chrome texture like the American 772er

Because I haven’t seen a new Aeromexico livery for years in the sim, I’ve only seen new American liveries 😕