Aeromexico B757 Chrome livery (N803AM)

Hello everyone!
I saw the removal of the Aeromexico Livery in this update. It was one of my favorite liveries as it is the only Mexican chrome livery and it was the only Mexican retro livery in the simulator.

Aeroméxico is the flag carrier airline of Mexico, based in Mexico City. It operates scheduled services to more than 90 destinations in Mexico; North, South and Central America; the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Its main base and hub is in Mexico City, with secondary hubs in Guadalajara and Monterrey.

I hope to see it back as we don’t have a lot of Mexican liveries in the sim, thanks for your support!


N803AM | Boeing 757-2Q8 | Aeromexico | Jonathan Parra | JetPhotos

Completely agree, America West is unnecessary. American covers it.


Thanks for your help! Hoping to see this beautiful livery back in the sim 😔


I think it was a replacement for US airways though but idk why Aeromexico left its not even in the USA

Totally agree. We want Aeromexico 757 back.


That lack of commitment of the developers with the Mexican users, expected to fly the 757 with Aeromexico


Voted! Some liveries are completely unnecessary and need to be rethought


You have my vote on this livery. I think it was unessecary for them to add America West and add Aeromexico. Aeromexico should come back and I think its a shame that they removed it. You have my vote! :)


Agree 100%! The chromes should remain in this update.

I am happy with the result of this work, but aeromexico is missing.
Hey, we invite everyone to continue voting, especially the Latino and Mexican community, it is a wonderful livery, we want your return, they included unusual liveries, why leave Aeromexico without your B757.
I hope the developers read this or @jasonrosewell @Laura could delivers our request and helps us.
#aeromexico #developer #staff

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I can’t not vote to get this livery back, as a mexican. Voted.

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I agree, some “useless” liverys replaced some better ones. Again, I votes

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I can’t begin to express my disappointment with the fact that this iconic livery was removed.


The decision to exclude Aeromexico and some other liveries was due to the fact that this one has representation in the sim already, while the 757 gave us a great opportunity to showcase some lesser-known and exciting paint schemes. There are no plans to add new liveries for the 757 at the moment.


I understand the frustration. I think the Aeromexico livery would be like 2x more popular then one like America West.
I hope this feature request performs really well


This reply doesn’t make much sense. What does it mean “already has representation in the sim”… what? @jasonrosewell

I genuinely don’t understand the hate for America West, Aeromexico is from a whole different country! We should keep America West if I’m being honest.

But having said that, I completely agree that Aeromexico would be a good idea to add. Maybe not now (as Jason just pointed out), but possibly down the road.

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I feel that I disagree in that decision, there are liveries of the same airline in a single model, like the A320 or the 737, without wanting to hurt anyone, for example Frontier or Southwest. I do not think it is a logical reason, and as a native of North America I could go with more airlines that have a lot of representation in the simulator.

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Well, those airlines that are not that famous that you included, they are not going to be used by no one. No one will ever use Ghana, it’s so boring. Aeromexico was going to be used by a lot of people. It’s a more important airline than Ghana or Uzbekistan. Oh and Uzbekistan 757 engines are not painted.

The real disappointment comes with the fact that Latin America is always seen as a small footnote. Aeromexico and Avianca (just as examples) are some of the world’s oldest airlines and are barely present in the simulator, even after waves of new liveries have been unveiled. Aeromexico is one of the world’s biggest E190 and B738 operators, but both are missing in the game.

Many European and US airlines, on the other hand, have their full fleets of IF; and when an airline updates their paint scheme, it often shows up on IF super quickly - as long as it’s someone like Lufthansa, Southwest or Alaska.

Removing the Aeromexico B757-200 was a huge blow to the Latino community, particularly because we hoped that a rework would mean an even-better chrome rendering.

But…here we are. Thanks developers.