Aeromexico B757-200 Chrome Livery N803AM

Rip amx 757 😭

But of a joke tbh. I personally don’t really care for the Aeromexico livery but considering how many ppl want this and they go and add the Finnair instead. Does the voting system mean much?


As real as it gets, no.

I didn’t see anything in the post description that said the Finnair is the only 757 livery that will be added. I’d be patient given the support this livery has, and see what makes it into 21.1. Getting mad at the developers when you don’t know yet isn’t productive and certainly won’t win favors with the livery designers frankly.


I have the same question, why they add a livery with 9 votes 🤔


This isn’t the end! Let’s show our support and the staff team may add it in!

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this livery is so missed, hopefully it will be added again soon

I’m pretty sure it’s noted, this has one of the most votes for 757 liveries.

Before anybody gets angry about the Finnair livery consider that they might be just readding the liveries they removed in the last update

Everyone honestly? You don’t even know if it will be added or not. Just because another livery was shown it doesn’t mean they have forgotten about this livery. At least feel grateful that some 757 liveries are coming back. If you want to take anything out of it, you should take out that IF is listening to the community and adding highly requested 757 liveries.


They’re full of surprises, as they say :)

Nobody said they’re not grateful, I am really happy to get old liveries back, so let’s not generalize.

Anyway, I really hope to see this livery, a lot of people want it (including myself), I still have hope that we’ll see this being added, C’mon guys we can do it 🙌

It’s will to be common to see, because the B757 are from the 80’s

I remember when Aeromexico visited SBFZ back in 2014 (ye the FIFA World Cup), and i had see a lot of B772 and B767 with this Chrome Livery, really beautiful!

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Chrome liveries r the best in my opinion! 😍