Aeromexico 787-9

I saw the aeromexico livery request rn and what were getting so now personally i think that it was dumb to waste the slot for the same livery again since they couldnt make the unique one since its hard . I respect that it would be hard, but they promised they would make all ELIGIBLE liveries so why didn’t they just skip the aeromexico. Correct me if im wrong.

They could have skipped it to bring us something a bit newer atleast. It would be alot more fun to have something new rather than a scaled version of the old. Well i made this hoping they dont do the same with the other 9 liveries

What liveries were you wanting instead? Please keep in mind that the Aeromexico 787-8 is unrealistic as it’s not used IRL currently. Also AMX is a very popular airline, so it’s expected to see a lot of their liveries.


Ok i guess that solves it but the thing is that that slot kind of went to waste i mean a unique lviery would be much better

It’s not a waste. What do you consider “unique”?

The Aeromexico livery was added when the top ten livery’s in the #features category were slated to be added to the game. The Aeromexico livery was a replacement for the quzelcoat livery because it violated the catogary rules

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I know but look they said they would make the top 10 requested EDible liveriees meaning only ones they CAN make. So if they coulndt make the white aeromexico livery its basically disqualified now

Eligible liveries will now conform to the new standard set out here:

You’ll also find that all special livery requests have been closed. Another example would be the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner’s ‘Yam Dreaming’ livery, with its votes handed to the permanent ‘Silveroo’ livery.

This is a change set out to ensure more diversity across aircraft and their liveries, to allow more people to have their country’s airline represented.

Hope this helps!

Unqiue like something atleast a little new considering its very rare to get new liveries

Ok makes sense

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I thought we already had a qantas 787?

Indeed Infinite Flight does have a Qantas 787-9. However, there are multiple inaccuracies with this livery, and so there was a request made to have these rectified (these inaccuracies are VERY apparent when comparing the livery in Infinite Flight to it’s real-world counterpart).

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Ummm, correct me if I’m wrong, but they are using 787-8’s IRL at the moment. Just have a look on FR24…

Unless if you mean something else…

It is tho…

And the Quetzalcoat livery did not match the new requirements for a livery request.

The staff said something that might interest you, special liveries will be hand-picked by them, and I think and hope that the Quetzalcoat will make its way into IF sooner or later…

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That’s wrong! Aeromexcico flies as much the 788 as the 789 on international routes! It depends on the number of passengers and things like that I guess…


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