“Aeromexico 777 livery fix”

Hi IFC!!

Before anything I just want you to know that I’m happy with the 772ER update, it’s an awesome work and I enjoy it but…

I usually like to use Aeromexico’s 777 before the update

I was so excited when it came out, so I go for Aeromexico 777 immediately and when I saw it… man that was so bad, the livery has so many issues, I could ignore it and that’s it but I couldn’t resist to watch the issues so I think that it would be cool if they could fix it, so that’s why I’m here for

Issues with the livery

• the Thickness of the red line (is thinner)

• the blue part is a bit messed up

• On the engines Aeromexico titles doesn’t exist in this specific registration N774AM

• the eagle logo is isn’t that high

I know that they are really busy with other development things but please devs, this fix would make a more realistic livery to fly with.

Here I leave you how it supposed to look like

And you’ll ask (the logo is right don’t exaggerate) and yeah you have a point on that but look it still wrong, here I leave you an example 👇



The logo in located right on the middle of the 5th and 6th lines or “feathers” regarding to the rudder; the green line shows the outboard rudder that is exactly between the 5th and 6th line as I already mentioned.

I think this is an easy fix, and I wouldn’t care so much if they could not do anything of this but I hope 🤞

Thank you guys :)


Pretty sure that’s not how that works, they’re still using the same logo.


Wow, I have never noticed these problems but, it’s good that we know about them.


Cmon folks, IF doesn’t have access to the exact wrap file the airlines use. Everyone wants tons of liveries, but wants them to be exactly perfect. The two don’t jive together. Speed and quality are inversely proportional. If you want tons of liveries, you will have some slight variations. And frankly, these differences are so minuscule it really shouldn’t matter.

How about folks worry about understanding things like how a pattern works, the proper altitude to request approach service, proper use of flaps, not landing at 200 kts. Keep it Real™ my friends…


I agree with @Chitown

After all this is a simulator, and not real life. We need to stop being so compulsively obsessive about the micro-details on the liveries.

We should instead be focusing on being realistic rather than perfecting a seemingly perfect livery! #RealismPolice!

The older 777 had the livery perfect

Little changes like this is not a big problem

But yeah I like the details, so that’s why I say it again

“I wouldn’t care so much if this is not fix”

But the older 777 use to have it perfectly fine
That’s why I’m trying to fix this little mistakes,
And this is not the first livery that has some mistakes

Anyway, I hope this little details could be fixed

Because y’all guys would say the mistakes If it was an American Airlines livery as it happened in the past.


I don’t think these things are too important, and I think the livery it’s very good, even I want a realistic experience I don’t really care about hose minor issues.

Here’s a picture of the Aeroméxico’s 777

Credits on image

I think there’s no difference

I really don’t see any big difference

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Well there are some differences, but they’re really minor so it shouldn’t really matter.

If we’re going to be realistic anyways, Aeromexico retired all their 777s so it shouldn’t matter…?

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Of course they matter, they do it perfectly on the past why shouldn’t do it again?

I feel like the number of lines you had to draw on the diagram to prove there was an issue are inversely proportionate the level of priority of this issue… 🤷🏻‍♂️

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It doesn’t matter

The only “big” difference I see is the red line

Thanks for the report. Noted