Aeromexico 757-200 (N801AM)

Hey guys!!

Now that officially the 757-200 is the next aircraft to being reworked I want to take this unique opportunity to ask for this livery the Aeromexico 757-200 in its chrome livery, is one of the oldest liveries in the history of IF and with the rework it will look really good

About the 757 history

Aeromexico history

Image of the livery

Aeromexico operated the 757 for more than 10 years, but unfortunately they were scrapped some years ago and replaced for new 737-800s, I think this livery should not be forgotten for the new 757-200, it’s unique chrome livery and design makes him a beautiful looking aircraft with a classic feeling.

Why should u vote for this livery?

Of course if you’d like to; this livery will allow us to expand/update the Aeromexico fleet, it’ll bring new and amazing flights for Mexican pilots and we’ll be able to make new events with this airline, another reason is to update the livery, the colors on the current 757 is way far from the reality, the logo isn’t even complete, and the chrome colors doesn’t even look good in the current 757, if you like to fly retro liveries you will absolutely love to fly with this one 👍.

What are you thoughts?,comment below 👇👀

This livery is already on the sim. It’s just that it looks white instead of chrome 😂

Hopefully they don’t remove it, because it’s an amazing livery!

I can’t wait to recreate the moonshot you added but on Infinite Flight 😍🌕


Correct me if I’m wrong, but that aircraft is already in the game, it’s just that it’s shininess is not represented because of the aircraft being old

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I know, but it’s not confirmed to be added, that’s why make it.

Oh and also to update it.

There’s already one in the simulator. But the great thing could be The White livery, or Quetzalcoatl (this is 787 I know). Jaja lol

Let’s say that this livery shouldn’t be removed. I love it too

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No need to make a feature request for something already in the sim.