Aeromexico 737 MAX 9 flight!

I flew a brand new Aeromexico 737 MAX 9 from MMMX (Mexico city) to MMUN (Cancun) on XA-IMH and it was also Mexico independence day so here are a few pics:

Getting ready to board!

An Aeromexico 738…

In my seat in this VERY modern plane!

A Mexican police force 727

And we jump straight to takeoff! Hmm, weird seeing a Lufthansa 748 in the cargo gates, what could it be doing there?

The new Mexico city international airport which got cancelled…

Climbing to cruise!

Approaching MMUN, will it be a hard landing or a butter?

A hard landing it is! Rough touchdown in Cancun runway 12L.

After a long taxi we make it to the gates at terminal 4 with 2 Jetblue A320’s, a Condor 763 and a beautiful Lufthansa A343!

It was a very nice flight with Aeromexico this time on Mexico independence day (September 16) on it’s 200th birthday! Thank you for checking out this thread and I hope you have a nice day wherever you are in the world!


Amazing mate, how was the flight ?

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Very good a bit of turbulence but the in flight entertainment left me distracted and I also took a short nap so it was very good!

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Something about the MAXes winglets are just amazing. That’s so cool that you got to experience this, have a good time in Cancun! 🏖


Amazing. But it is not in spotting?

Why would it be in spotting? He’s not planespotting, he’s flying on the plane and is giving us pictures from it

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I don’t think it would be spotting as I took the flight!

uhh what is the other 747 next to the DLH 748?

I have no ideas, im very confused why both are there!

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Just carrying cargo, since the start of the pandemic a lot of airlines have been using passenger planes just to carry cargo. Cargo volume has swelled while capacity greatly decreased due to a lack of belly cargo. So it has actually become profitable, if only barely, to fly planes with no passengers and just boxes. Some will also put cargo in the main passenger cabin by just putting boxes on seats to get closer to a true freighters capacity, but it’s still considerably lower. The one on the right is a normal cargo plane though.

Yeah but what I found weird is we get Lufthansa 3 times daily normally, currently we only get 2 as the Munich flight is suspended and the other flight is a cargo flight on the 772F so I found it weird being a 747 apart from the daily passenger flight on the 748 to Frankfurt.

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