Aeromexico 737-700 (GO VISA LIVERY)

Hello 👋, I have a special livery that I think many people would love to see on IF, it’s about the Aeromexico 737-700 in the (go visa livery).

Aeromexico’s history

about the 737-700

Why I would vote for this?

Because we need more chrome liveries just like American Airlines, and Aeromexico has a really cool livery which I would love to see on the sim and many simulators has it, let’s take the opportunity to fly with this livery before it completely retires which will be in a very short time. Let’s support the Latin American’s liveries! They are really beautiful.

Aeromexico 737-700 go visa livery

PS: this is not the same livery as chrome, it’s different, in case of you think is duplicated.

Thank you!

MOD: If you need to block this feature be free to tell me the reason.

Heck yeah, I love this for some reason. I’ll see if I can clear up a vote.

Remember to always vote for your own feature request ;)

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I’m going to be honest here. Great job with the post, it’s clear you out a lot of effort into it so I commend you for that.

But the livery is just awful in my opinion

While Aeromexico’s liveries aren’t always the best. There is an interesting dynamic to this one that I like.

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Don’t worry, I’m always happy to listen people’s opinion

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But once again, although I hate the livery, great job with the post 👍

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Just a little reminder:

Only one picture per request, thanks! 😉

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Beatiful livery, maybe we can see them when the 737 family get reworked 😁

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When or If ?

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I think the 737 need a required rework so I think “when”

I guess we’ll have to see.

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Yes, I use VISA. I will contribute a vote to this livery!

VISA > MasterCard


If your parents have an AmErIcAn ExPrEsS credit card

American Express>Visa

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One thing is for sure, it might take like 2 years from now, we’ll wait until the 737 have a rework

Imma give y’all an equation real quick:

Visa > Mastercard

Visa = American Express

Debate solved.

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Credits to airteamimages

Landing with it’s shiny livery 😍

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