Aeroméxico 737-700 (chrome livery)

Aeroméxico is the Mexican flag carrier that operates in Mexico City since 1934, member of Skyteam and associated with delta, it currently have 11 737-700s in operation with a capacity of 124 passengers, the first 737-700 was delivered to Aeromexico on September 16th of 2003 and it comes out of Boeing factory in August 26 with winglets with a high of 2.4 meters to reduce the drag and with their new engines. the 737-700 is the direct competition of the airbus a319.

Aeromexico operates this plane for this routes: North America, South America, and national flights.

The 737-700 in Aeromexico is a livery that we need in the sim like American Airlines and it’s chrome livery, Aeromexico has been using the 737-700 since 2003 and is one of the most oldest liveries on IF so a new skin will be Awesome.

                                     *Why this livery*

Because we need more and new chrome liveries and especially from other countries not only American airliners, and this is a livery that is in operation but not for too many of years, it’s a really nice livery that will be really cool to fly with.

                             **737-700 chrome livery images **

Please help me with you’re votes for making this dream a reality :D

I know… the developers are too busy right now so this livery can be added until the 737 get a full rework.

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Unfortunately a duplicate, but let’s see what the mods say.

Imma drop a vote. For a sec, I thought the second pic was in IF. 😂
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The last one was last active in Nov 2018, it doesn’t have info but it does have votes, I’ll bet yours will stay just drop a vote for your request and maybe add some information!

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these look cool as the 757 (in the game)