Aeroméxico 737-700 (chrome livery)

Just as American Airlines has its chrome liveries, Aeromexico also needs its own.

The Aeromexico 737-700 in chrome livery continue flying today so I will love to have this livery on IF too.

In infinite flight are almost no liveries of Aeromexico other than 777-200, 737-700 current livery, 787-8 and the old 757-200.

I hope they added in a near future with 4K textures as American Airlines.

(Chrome livery)
The chrome liveries have been one of the most beautiful paints that an aircraft can have in actual times, and most of them doesn’t exist anymore, and Aeroméxico have their chrome livery since 1900s before they come up with their current livery.

It doesn’t need to be right now, so when the 737 family get a rework, it will be amazing to have this livery… thank you ;)

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