Aeromar Ceases Operations due to Financial Struggles; Workers on Strike

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Aeromar has announced today the cancellation of it’s flights, and the end of it’s 35 years of service. This comes in the middle of financial struggles, including a $500 million debt with Mexico City Intl, $120 million with the pilots, and more with service providers.

There is also expected a pilot strike which it may start today.

Earlier before today, Aeromar ceased operations in Cancun, Mérida & Chetumal, and other airports, as well as AFAC instructed to ground 3 of it’s planes. Today, Aeromar only had 2 operating planes before the announcement today.

Is the second mexican airline in less than 2 and a half years to cease operations, the first one being Interjet in December, 2020. Aeromar was the longest mexican operating airline until today.

UPDATED February 16th: Aeromar workers have recently launched a strike…

In my opinion, Is sad to see an airline leaving the regional market, as they were serving to some places wich other airlines couldn’t. Finance can be very harsh sometimes…

What do you guys think about this?


Wow, that’s a surprise

Had no idea this was even an airline, but RIP I guess.

As a mexican, this was expected for me. Aeromar was struggling for years, and with huge debts going on, then a bankrupcy was inminent (so as a strike)

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Is it safe to say “yikes” here?

RIP Aeromar, it’s a shame they weren’t able to rise out of their debt

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They tried to get like 12 more planes while their pilots were organizing a strike a few months ago. Since yesterday, Aeromar staff searched a spot for Aeromexico.

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And Boom…

Aeromar workers just launched a strike…

(News article in spanish)

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I always enjoyed flying with Aeromar. Sad to see them go. Thinking of all the pilots, cabin crew, ground staff and other employees who are suddenly left without a job. Thank you Aeromar ♥️ Hasta siempre.


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