aeromacchi MB-339 / Frecce Tricolore

I can´t just stop looking at this beauty.
this aircraft is used in the well known ´´pattuglia acrobatica´´ of the Frecce Tricolore (the acrobatic group of the italian airforce)

I think this is a total unique livery for the aircraft .
We need this!

image taken from google images

Is that an image you took? (I’m guessing this is from FSX?)
If not, please include where you found it from and who the owner would be.

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If you want the livery, you first have to have the aircraft. So including which aircraft you are actually talking about would be a good start …

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read the title please

That doesn’t really answer the question, because you contradict that with saying “livery” here:

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If you want the aircraft, you should vote for it

Your comment is useless.
there are a lot of livery requests where the plane isnt in iF:

here another

and another

let´s go back to topic

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That’s not what I’m saying. As @Mats_Edvin_Aaro suggested, you might as well make it a request for the aircraft itself as opposed to one livery, as there isn’t one yet. But, agreed, back on topic.

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