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AeroLogic Virtual Official Thread

AeroLogic Virtual is a virtual airline based in Leipzig, Germany. From there we deliver our cargo as fast and safe as possible to our customers. Take off in the Boeing 777-200F, one of the most modern heavy cargo aircraft and discover the world from another side.

Your package is our mission.

Meet our staff members

Chief Executive Officer /Founder


“I’ve been playing Infinite Flight since 2016 and I’m still in love with this fantastic flight simulator. I’m proud to be CEO and founder of AeroLogic Virtual and I am really looking forward to seeing this Virtual Airline growing up.
I believe there is a good pilot in everyone. My aim is to give you the best feeling of being in our VA whether as a staff member or as an ambitious pilot.”

Free positions:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Recruiter
  • Event Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Chief Pilot

Rank Hours needed
Trainee 0h
Second Officer 1h
First Officer 100h
Captain 250h
Senior Captain 500h
Commander 800h

Requirements to join:


  • Minimum age: 13
  • Must have access to Expert Server
  • Must have a pro subscription (if you can’t fly due to school, work or illness, we will find a solution)
  • Must have an Infinite Flight Community account

If you meet all these requirements and you want to continue click here !


  • Minimum age: 15
  • Must have access to Expert Server
  • Must have a pro subscription (if you can’t fly due to school, work or illness, we will find a solution)
  • Must have an Infinite Flight Community Account
  • Good administration, moderation and organization skills

If you meet all these requirements and you want to continue, send a private message to @German_Pilot !

Cessna C172

The Cessna C172 is one of the best aircraft to learn basic flying principles in. Simple to fly at the same time being reliable, you will find it a joy to pilot in our Recruitment Center.

General characteristics:

Crew: one
Length: 27ft 2 in (8.28m)
Wingspan: 36ft 1 in (11m)
Height: 8ft 11 in (2.72m)
Empty weight: 767 kg
Gross weight: 1,111 kg
Fuel capacity: 212 litres

Boeing 777-200F

There are a number of outstanding cargo aircraft to choose from. For AeroLogic Virtual, capacity, range, fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and of course, market availability were the crucial considerations. With its ultramodern technology, it is not only reliable and cost-efficient but it is also low-maintenance and low-emission. This plane is unique in its ability to carry a full cargo load of more than 100t non-stop over a range of about 9,000 km. Moreover, the 777F requires 20 percent less fuel than the Boeing 747-400F and is one of the most quiet airplanes of its class.

General characteristics:

Crew: two
Length: 209ft 1 in (63.73 m)
Wingspan: 212ft 7 in (64.8 m)
Tail height: 61ft 1 in (18.6 m)
Fuel capacity: 145 tons
Max. Payload: 106 tons
Max. Landing Weight: 261 tons
Max Takeoff Weight: 347 tons
Engine: General Electric GE-90-100B1L
Ceiling: 43,100ft (13,100 m)

With over 120 routes AeroLogic Virtual offers a good route network to transport the cargo as fast as possible.

Click here for our Route Database

The whole AeroLogic Virtual Team would be happy to cooperate with other virtual airlines in the future !

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact a staff member or @aerologic-virtual !

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Please note we are a non-profit virtual airline in Infinite Flight. We are not associated to AeroLogic. Banners made by @Navy315 and @Infinite_Pilot1.


Welcome to the VA world Aerologic!


Welcome! Wishing you the very best!


Nice looking thread!

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Thanks @TheAviationGallery @Aero @Hardlanding_Hussain !


this thread has a nice design! that first banner looks cool tho👀

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just asking: is slack needed for this VA?

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Slack is needed to join our team, yes.

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That is an awesome looking thread! I personally think the Aerologic livery is one of the best on the 777F. Good luck with your journey and see you in the skies.

Happy Flying :)

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i applied. hope to fly soon!

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Fantastic thread! Congratulations 🥳 I wish AeroLogic the best of luck!

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Wow. Amazing thread and website, much love from Ryanair Virtual!


Amazing thread, wish you all the best !


A very well designed thread, wishing you all the best for future plans.

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Thank you really much you all !
@Navy315 @Ryanair_Virtual @Alexandre @Adrian_K

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Congratulations on your approval. Best of luck!

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Yay congrats. I am so glad to be the second official pilot at Aerologic Virtual!!!

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Wow. Congratulations on getting the VA up and running.

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Congratulations !

I’m proud to be pilot on this VA

Welcome AeroLogic in the VA and VO world!

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