AeroLogic B777 (007 DHL livery)

AeroLogic B777 (007 DHL livery)

Hello everyone and welcome to this feature request !
As I often fly the B777F I would love to see this livery:



If you want to see how it looks like click here

(I know it‘s an A300 but they look exactly the same)

Why it would be cool ?

I know that apart from the 007 character and the small sentence, there are not many differences to the normal DHL livery but it could be designed faster then :) We would also get another special livery !

All in all it‘s a cool livery for the 777F and I would really like to have it in IF ✈️

Thanks for visiting this topic !

If you also like it, don‘t hesitate to vote :)

The 007 is James Bond’s agents code. So it’s almost a James Bond livery. 😉

Great livery none the less!

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Nice! Got my vote. I would like to see this or the livery I’ve requested included in the 77F rework.


Do you like James Bond (007) hehe ?
I hope we see it with the -200F rework :)

This would be awesome to have in IF! It might be a bit difficult to be able to have the 007 logo though, trademarks and all that

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Yeah I thought about this, too but well I would say let‘s see :)

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Would still be cool

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