Aerologic 777F DHL Livery

Hey guys. So I’ve done a search and couldn’t find a request for it so here it goes my first feature request.

Aerologic is a joint venture between Lufthansa Cargo and DHL and as a result they are having some (4 currently) 77F’s deleivered with the DHL livery with a small Aerologic logo besides the pilots window on each side.

I like the livery its very bright and striking and would look good in IF and would compliment the LHC, Aerologic liveries.



Nice request! I will see if I can free up a vote for this!


You got my vote!

We see this at CVG frequently and I love this cargo livery on the 777F!


Thanks guys. It’s a nice livery. Maybe just maybe it will come with the rework.

Just thought I’d give this a bump and provide a nice article on the LHC/Aerologic and the DHL partnership

Nice Livery

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Yep. Would be great if they added this when they rework thr 77F