Aerologic 777F DHL Livery

Hey guys. So I’ve done a search and couldn’t find a request for it so here it goes my first feature request.

Aerologic is a joint venture between Lufthansa Cargo and DHL and as a result they are having some (4 currently) 77F’s deleivered with the DHL livery with a small Aerologic logo besides the pilots window on each side.

I like the livery its very bright and striking and would look good in IF and would compliment the LHC, Aerologic liveries.



Nice request! I will see if I can free up a vote for this!


You got my vote!

We see this at CVG frequently and I love this cargo livery on the 777F!


Thanks guys. It’s a nice livery. Maybe just maybe it will come with the rework.

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Just thought I’d give this a bump and provide a nice article on the LHC/Aerologic and the DHL partnership

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Nice Livery

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Yep. Would be great if they added this when they rework thr 77F

Another little bump for this livery.

We could even have it with a picture of Bryan Adams on. :)

This is advertising his Shine A Light 2019 world tour.



Love this livery

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It stands out from the crowd doesn’t it :)

It does, the bright yellow and red scheme just “scream” at you, definitely an eyecatcher.


Yeah you wouldn’t miss it coming haha 😄

Love it! Even if it does look like a banana. 🍌

A lot of liveries seem to follow the eurowhite scheme now, whilst practical I personally believe it’s a bit bland and boring. I’d definitely love to fly a banana-esque 77F in IF.


Their livery looks so different among all 777 liveries

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Yes. It makes a change from all the white fuselages you see.

Let’s hope they add it when the 777F is reworked. 🤞


Well, they’ll need more 77F liveries because the ones they have now are definitely not enough, so I can definitely see this as being one of the liveries being added. If I’m not being too overly optimistic, perhaps all 77F airline liveries could be added since there are only so many 77F operators.

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Let’s hope so. This would complete the Lufthansa Cargo/Aerologic line up

Yes…the holy trinity.

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Yes, please ! We need it ✈️ VOTED !


Real fan of AeroLogic :)

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Wouldn’t it be great if it comes when the 777F is reworked. 🤞

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