Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual Presents: The Buenos Aires Fly-In/Out | November 18, 2023 | Endorsed

Welcome to the first IFC event of Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual.


Aeroparque Jorge Newbery | SABE / AEP

Airport Information:
13/31 | Length: 2.700m 8.858ft
Largest Aircraft Served:
Boeing 737-800

Ministro Pistarini International Airport | SAEZ / EZE

Airport Information:
11/29 | 3.300m 10.828ft
17/35 | 3.105m 10.187ft
Largest Aircraft Served:
Boeing 747-8

Event will be on the Expert Server.

Time: 1500Z


Air Traffic Control

Ground: @ArgentinePilot
Tower: @ArgentinePilot
ATIS: @ArgentinePilot


Ezeiza Center:

From SABE:
Aerolíneas Argentinas | SABE - SCEL | 1:56 | B738
Aerolíneas Argentinas | SABE - SBGR | 2:20 | B738
Aerolíneas Argentinas | SABE - SLVR | 3:10 | E190
Aerolíneas Argentinas | SABE - SAWH | 3:24 | B738
Aerolíneas Argentinas | SABE - SPJC | 4:45 | B738
GOL | SABE - SBFL | 2:00 | B738

From SAEZ:
Aeroméxico | MMMX - SAEZ | 9:00 | B789
Air France | LFPG - SAEZ | 13:30 | A359
American Airlines | KMIA - SAEZ | 8:30 | B772
Avianca | SKBO - SAEZ | 6:00 | B788
Iberia | LEMD - SAEZ | 12:30 | A359
Lufthansa | EDDF - SAEZ | 13:45 | B748

-Respect IFATC or UNICOM
-We are not responsible for any violations or reports.

Participating Virtual Airlines/Organizations | Arrival Time

Time Virtual Airlines Route
All Day @ARGVirtual Anywhere
TBD @Saudia_Virtual SABE - SKBO

IFVARB Endorsed

IFVARB Endorsed is a series where the IFVARB partners with a VA who has set up an intriguing and interesting event. This event has been specially selected for this endorsement and has the full support of the IFVARB. This endorsement is open to any event hosted on the IFC by a VA or VO. Look out for our stamp and our staff on this event and many for the future.


Fantastic event, Really looking forward to this 😊

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Event bump.

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Cool event, if I have time I’ll definitely hop along


Event bump….

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Unfortunately as the next weekend is coming up, and not enough activity, it is decided that this event is suspended until November 18th of 2023. This date that was chosen corresponds with a national holiday in Argentina on November 20th.

We apologize for any inconvenience to those who wished to participate on October 14th.

With regards,
@ArgentinePilot, CEO

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Event bump.

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Looking to join this lovely event!

As the main coordinator of this event, I am proud to announce that this event is IFVARB Endorsed!

Huge thanks to the IFVARB Event Team!

Going with GOL 738!

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Wonderful event! We’ll be there on November 18th, you can count on Saudia Virtual. We’ll be covering the route from SABE 🇦🇷 to SKBO 🇨🇴 (Boeing 737-800 Aerolíneas Argentinas)

Saudia Virtual Chief Executive Officer

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Event bump. Nearly two weeks left before the event!

Excited for this event! It’s getting closer, and it will be the first time I’ll be flying from SABE. 🇦🇷

Another 47 hours and 9 minutes until the event!

Thanks to everyone who came by, as of this message, this is the conclusion of the event! Once again, thanks to those who came, and maybe we’ll see the ones who couldn’t come sometime in a new event!