Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual | Flying High in the Sky! | Official 2023-24 Thread

Welcome to Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual!

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Website <> Pilot Application

We are proud to announce that we are now…

We are Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual. Founded on May 16th of 2023, and officially certified on September 14th of 2023. Our staff and members welcome you to join us anytime you like, offering endless opportunities at ARVA.

The Mission of ARVA

The mission we are focused on is to bring light to South America whilst maintaining a professional field for our members and affiliates. We are a welcoming group to whomever wants to join us. Increasing cooperation is what we are also focused on, not only pilot cooperation but VA cooperation.

IFC Account | Position

@ArgentinePilot | Chief Executive Officer

Vacant! | Chief Operating Officer

@EICK_Aviator | Human Resources Manager

Vacant! | Recruitment Manager

Vacant! | Head of Public Relations

Vacant! | Events Coordinator

We are recruiting! All other staff positions are available!

Embraer E190

E190 Image

Boeing 737-700

B737 Image

Boeing 737-800

B738 Image

Airbus A330-200 (Aircraft Substituted by -300)

A333 Image

Heritage Fleet

Airbus A340-200/-300 (Aircraft Substituted by -600)

A346 Image

Boeing 747-200

B742 Image

Boeing 747-400

B744 Image

McDonnell Douglas MD-83/-88 (Substituted by Boeing 717-200)

B712 Image

We have 6 ranks, with 1 award card.

Rank | Required Flight Hours
Trainee | 0

Second Officer | 10

First Officer | 25

Senior First Officer | 55

Captain | 100

Senior Captain | 160


AerolíneasPlus Oro Virtual Award Card

What do pilots get out of this award?
Pilots who are AerolíneasPlus Oro recipients get a multiplier of 2.25x for every filed flight.

How do pilots get this award?
Pilots can get this award for constant activity, or other reasons. This award can be given by staff whenever.

We are a SkyTeam Virtual member!
Here is a list of our current partners:

Virtual Airline | Thread
@KoreanAirVirtual | KEVA Thread
@FrenchBeeVA | FB Thread
@PanAm_Virtual | No Thread

Want to join? Here are our requirements:

  • Applicant must be Grade 2 or higher
  • Applicant must be 13+
  • Applicant must be able to use our communications server on Discord.
  • Applicant must be on a good standing with the IFC and must not be on the IFVARB blacklist.

Phase 1:
Applicant sends an application to ARVA and will receive a private message from staff within 24 hours of the application being sent

Phase 2:
Applicant takes Written Test. Applicant must receive an 80% or higher to pass the Written Test.

Phase 3:
Applicant is in ARVA, and must complete Pilot Trials.
If completed, pilot is guaranteed to be in ARVA.

We hope to have you join us, or work with us as an affiliate! Thanks for looking at our VA Thread! Have an awesome day!
@ArgentinePilot, CEO

Pilot Application

©2023 Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual. We are not in ANY way affiliated, endorsed, OR sponsored with Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. or any of its subsidiaries. All logos, trademarks, and any other properties are wholly part of Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A.


I think I’ll join!

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Congrats on the approval, was a pleasure to work with you. Welcome in the VA World!

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Great thread!

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Thanks everyone for the support!
@ArgentinePilot, CEO

Welcome to the VA world!!!


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Huge congrats on the approval and a very nice thread! Can’t wait to see you in the skies!

Chief Executive Officer


New Partnership Incoming!

Introducing…. @FrenchBeeVA

Huge thanks to French Bee for partnering with us!

@ArgentinePilot, CEO


Congratulations on the approval! We look forward to seeing you in the VA community!

Chief Marketing Officer


Great Thread, once again congrats on the approval welcome to the VA Family!!

Best Wishes,

TUI Virtual Vice President

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Connecting Argentina to the world!

Introducing @PanAm_Virtual!

Thanks for becoming one of our partners!

@ArgentinePilot, CEO


Were very excited for this!

CEO, Pan Am Virtual


Welcome new team member, @EICK_Aviator!

He will be fulfilling the HR Manager role!

Join us by applying here:

@ArgentinePilot, CEO


At Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual, we are now adding 2 new components to our Virtual Airline.

First up:

The regional/city-runner branch of ARVA, connecting smaller cities of Argentina to the main route system!

And next:

Our private flying branch at ARVA. With this new addition we’ll give our pilots the liberty to fly wherever they please (Restrictions Apply).

Thanks for reading,
@ArgentinePilot, CEO


Congrats on being approved by IFVARB.

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Im looking forward to this new challenge as Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual new HR Manager. I cant thank @ArgentinePilot enough for this amazing opportunity.

We are currently looking for new pilots and staff members to join this amazing VA.

We look forward to seeing you soon 🇦🇷

Pilot Application: Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual Application Form

Staff Application: IFVARB

HR Manager

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