Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual | Discovering the Art of Flying | Official 2022 Thread

Welcome to Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual!

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Who are we?
Here at Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual, we make flying fun in Infinite Flight. We are Virtual Airline from South America. Started on July 25th, 2021. We host monthly flash flight events, as well as some fun Friday night flying! ​Our staff team wishes you a pleasant time here and offers you endless opportunities to connect with other people worldwide while maintaining a realistic and professional aspect.

Our Mission
​Our mission is to connect people and offer endless opportunities to meet new and friendly people. Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual offer’s you a safe discord server where any information you share with people is kept private, and it’s safe in a way so that everyone feels welcome. We want to create a VA that everyone would aspire to fly beside.

IFC Account Position Responsibilities
@JEN Chief Executive Officer All
@Canadian_Aviator Chief Operating Officer All
@if_finland HR Manager Keeping everything up to date, as well as Answering any Questions or Queries.
@Noah_Hunt Recruitment Manager In charge of the whole recruitment phase.
@Ballio Events Manager In charge of establishing and running Events.
@airnico_9962_on_YT PIREP Manager Managing all PIREP’s.
RECRUITING! Social Meida Manager Managing all social media accounts.

Hello my name is Ryder and I am the CEO at Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual (ARVA) which is currently in the IFVARB review stage. Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual was founded on May 28th, 2021. We operate a total of 4 Aircraft in the Infinite Flight Fleet, from the E190 to the B747. The entire Staff Team at ARVA is excited for what’s yet to come, and would appreciate to join today!
Flying the Argentinean Spirit







Our fleet consists of:

Aircraft Rank Livery
ERJ190 Trainee Generic Livery
B737-700 First Officer Generic Livery
B737-800 First Officer Aerolineas Argentinas Livery
A330-300 Captain Generic Livery
B747-400 Senior Captain Generic Livery

We offer 4 aircraft, from the E190 to the B747.

We have 5 ranks, and 5 awards rank, below you are able to see what is unlocked at every rank.

Rank Requirements Unlocks
Trainee 0 Hours ERJ190
First Officer 15 Hours B737-700 & B737-800
Senior First Officer 75 Hours 1.25x Multiplier
Captain 125 Hours A330-300
Senior Captain 225 Hours B747-400 1.5x Multiplier

Award Requirements Unlocks
Argentinean Bronze Award 300 Hours N/A
Argentinean Platinum Award 500 Hours 1.75x Multiplier
Argentinean Gold Award 700 Hours ARVA VIP status
Argentinean Diamond Award 1000 Hours 2x Multiplier
Argentinean Ruby Award >2,000 Hours 2.5x Multiplier

Our 5 awards ranks are listed above. Once reaching the Gold award, you are deemed a VIP status in ARVA, where every month or two months a discord nitro giveaway is rolled, and those in this rank are eligible to join. As well as access to change callsigns (If available) and access to VIP chats.

Aerolineas Argentinas is a proud SkyTeam member.

Our partners include:

Aerolineas Argentinas uses discord for VA communications. We offer a safe and secure server, with staff that are highly experienced with discord.

Special Thanks to our Server Boosters:
@Ballio @Captain_Ry

Special thanks to @CaptainZac for making our Crew Center using VA-Host.

  • Applicants must be 13 Years old or older.
  • Applicants must have an Active Infinite Flight pro Subscription.
  • Applicants must have a Valid IFC Account.
  • Applicants must have a Discord Account for Communications.
  • Applicants can’t be on the IFVARB user blacklist.

Phases Information
Phase one Applicant applies on the ARVA application, applicant will receive a PM on the IFC within 24 to 48 hours.
Phase two Applicant must need to take the ARVA written test, containing 15 questions. Applicant will also receive their recruiter and may ask questions.
Phase three Applicant must complete a full pattern, and send the replay to their recruiter.

Are you wanting to explore the great skies of Argentina and the world? Apply today to join Aerolineas Argentinas today! Flying the Argentinean spirit!

Pilot Application

​© 2022 Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual

Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual is a virtual airline operating on the Infinite Flight platform. Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Aerolineas Argentinas Ltd. All logos, trademarks, and material remains the property of Aerolineas Argentinas.


Stunning thread! So happy to be partners!

Noah Wills
CEO of @WhiteCloudVirtual


beautiful thread


Great thread man! Pleasure to be a part of the VA


Beautiful thread! We are proud to be partner with you!

Wish the best for your Virtual Airline and all others !!

Yours faithfully

Deputy President
Air Belgium Virtual



I’d like to file a complaint against @Canadian_Aviator . I assume you take complaints very seriously /j (Canadian I’m joking please don’t hurt me).

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Amazing thread! Glad to be partners!

Avianca Virtual.

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Proud to be a part of the team here, and this amazing VA! We have been thriving for almost a year now. I truly want to thank everyone who is staff here at ARVA for putting together such a nice thread. We cannot wait for what is yet to come!

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Amazing thread! Great to be codeshare partners with y’all

Brody Brock | Avelo Codeshare Rep


Thank you so much! We are thrilled to be partners with Avelo!

Ryder West
Founder & CEO
Argentinas Virtual


Nice thread Ry!

Just applied! :)

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