Aerolíneas Argentinas Buenos Aires Aeroparque to Ushuaia

This flight is incredible I highly recommend it, the landscapes on landing are amazing


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 03h12min
Flight Level: FL340/360

At the gate in Buenos Aires Aeroparque


Takeoff towards Ushuaia

Leaving Buenos Aires with this incredible view

Approach in Ushuaia

Amazing view of the mountains while lining up for landing

butter landing :)

Finally at the gate after a 3 hour flight


Did this flight twice before SABE and SAWH were in 3d, and also when Argentina didn’t have high resolution scenery. Best 3:30hs hours spent on IF. Need to buy another sub soon.

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Nice shots! I need to do this flight sometime

I departed from Ushuaia several times to Antarctica, it was very exciting and suitable. Only 2 hours. You should try it


Welcome to the Community! Beautiful shots!

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Nice Shots! I did this flight already at it for sure was EPIC welcome to the IFC btw!


Agreed! I’ve flown down to King George Island (British Antarctic research base) from Ushuaia on the Q400. Absolutely stunning.

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