Aerolíneas Argentinas Boeing 747SP27 LV-OHV.

Aerolíneas Argentinas bought from Braniff International Airways this Boeing 747SP on September 12 1980. The aircraft was used on international, non-stop long haul routes between Buenos Aires and London until the start of the South Atlantic War in 1982. The aircraft was then used in routes between Mexico and Los Angeles, replacing the much older Boeing 707s.
Before being privatized and sold to the 1990´s Iberia administration (Marsans), it was decided to sell LV-OHV on January 23 1990, so as to simplify the maintenance lines and to pay a debt with Japanese banks.
LV-OHV was last seen on April 23 1990 at EZE/SAEZ with the registration 3B-NAQ and with the livery of Air Mauritius.
The aircraft´s last owner was the government of Yemen. 7O-YMN was totally destroyed in March 2015 after an attack to Sanaa Airport.

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Sad way for it to go


There´re still lots of 747SP´s remaining, I´m sure we´ll have at least preserved.

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Agreed but it would be nice if Qantas had not sent their 747SP’s to the desert (now scrapped checked last week) and instead sent them to the Qantas founders museum Longreach


It might have been cheaper scrapping them rather than preserving them.

A SA 747SP has been preserved.

Wouldn’t be surprised if SOFIA is sent somewhere in some form


As a static display yeah, I hope its under a roof.

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A Qantas 747-200 at Longreach was given to the museum by Qantas but the museum payed $1.2 million for it and over 300.000 for each of the engines from a retired 747-136 the engines lives were up and sent to Longreach and the museum payed for all of it because they get a profit of $10.000.000-$20.000.000 a year

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Do they have an airline or something? Its a lot of money for a museum.

No some comes from Qantas and visitors because about a quarter of money from every qantas ticket sold goes to the museum and all the costs from the wing walks and extra tips

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Do they really let you stand over the wing?

At the qantas founders museum you get to walk on the wing of a ex qantas 747-200 and if you want to go on the 707-138B tour you get to stand on the wing of the 707

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