Aerolineas Argentinas Boeing 737-800

Hello IFC!
Today I come to request one of my favorites planes dressed with my favorite livery.
To this day there are 43 planes of the 737 family flying all around South America that are owned by Aerolineas Argentinas, only 31 of them are 737-800 New Generation.
These 737 New Generation started flying in Argentina in 2009 with the -700NG model, today, almost all the Argentinian sky is covered by the -800NG model of Aerolineas and a few more Airlines like Andes.
I’ve seen that many new liveries are being added to the 737 in the game, so why not add another one to the “to-do” list. I may also say there are not many South America liveries on the game, not as much as North American and European, so I think this kind of things will help to get those regions more active.
Here is recent photo taken by one of my aviation friends:

Credits to Lucas Ziegler and Patrico Peralta (baires.spotters)

Thanks, Lucas

Nice livery. I guess if B737 will be reworked, this livery may be added. Sadly out of votes


Superb this livery! For now I have no more votes, but in the future, if it is possible, I will certainly give my vote to this livery.


This is 100% necessary along with their A330 and A340. I love Aerolíneas: great service, great livery


This beautiful Livery has my vote, perfect for traveling From Argentina country to Brazil 😉👏


I really enjoyed knowing that this livery is confirmed for this update. I’m going to fly a lot with this company.


Happy Confirmation Day Aerolineas Argentinas B738!