Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A330-200

I really like the combination of the blue and white in this livery. It would be great to see in IF!

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What do you think?


@GuitartIvo would love it!


This livery actually makes the A330 bearable to look at.


Yesssssssssssss hahahahah, Ivo wants it!!!


I love this livery, it makes the A330 look so much better! The blue and the curves are beautiful.


I’m pretty sure there’s a topic…
As always, the A330-200 is just a beauty. This livery is amazing. Shame it is controlled by the federal government, would do so well if it wasn’t…

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What an amazing livery.

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One of the most beautiful liveries for the A332, now only if it wouldnt spontanously combust…

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I´ve spotted a few in LEMD and it´s an amazing birs…love it

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Sorry, company is doing very well nowadays. Was wrong managed but not now. Had an on time departure record last year even better than LATAM. They are getting new planes and putting numbers in order. Agree with you it was very wrong managed.

You look at a comparison with say, Avianca, the efficiency in Aerolíneas Argentinas is absolutely terrible. It has lots of employees, and does not work efficiently.
Politics are deep into the Aerolíneas and I don’t expect it to go away. This is , of course, because it is a state-owned airline that doesn’t necessarily work in the most efficient way.
In the past years it has been losing money, and the situation isn’t looking better.

sorry, u are partially wrong. It is true it was horribly managed. But since a little more than a year, the former Latin America General Motors CEO took control of the company. Company changed drastically.

  • already renew almost all fleet.
  • signed a contract with boeing for 20 737 including 8 MAX.
  • already delivered the last A330 of a 3 new airplanes.
  • Will be the first latin american company to operate 737 MAX and A330 neo
  • reduced by half, the operational deficit.
  • won puntual departure awards during 2 months of 2016

Needs more to be done and improved? Yes, a lot, but they are doing things right everyday better and better. So u need to get current information, your information is old. Im not into a fight which company is good or which is bad, im giving u, inside information because i live in argentina, and also, my sister works there and my dad was a 35 year old captain flying all his life in that company. Dont get me wrong, i am very critic about aerolineas argentinas, im not a dumb defending it at all costs.

and please, dont get me wrong. Im not comparing to LATAM or Avianca. Those companies are much bigger and done things right since long time. What im saying is that Aerolineas Argentinas done terrible managing mistakes and almost broke many times. But since last 2 years, things are done differently and results are much better now. Still a long path to be a profitable rich company

Ok guys, can we get back on topic?


im sorry, you are right.

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if want me to remove comments, please just le me know

No don’t worry, it’s ok 😀

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