Are you a person who wants to use their electronic when there’s no WiFi, and you’d like a new flight simulator. Why don’t you try Aerofly, a game I got a few days ago. You only have one region, but it’s only a buck to buy the game, but you still need to pay for some of the aircraft. Just telling you about this game if anybody is interested.

I’m sorry if this is off topic. I thought it had to do with aviation that’s all. You can flag it again, I don’t know how it’s viewable again.

Probably not a good idea to advertise other apps.

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Do you get paid or why are you making publicity for an IF concurrent?

If you don’t have an Internet Connection fly in the Solo mode.

shhhhh. but if you have the live subscription can you fly solo with all the planes unlocked, even if you dont have wifi

Never smart to advertise a competing application in the forums. That’s for the Aerofly Community.

Now to answer your question, I used to have all three competing sims: Aerofly (1), X Plane 9, and Infinite Flight. Since then, I was rather unimpressed by Aerofly (1) so I delete it, X Plane 9 got old very quick (Since deleted), and I was also unimpressed with X Plane 10. Never tried Aerofly 2, fon’t have intentions to yet. Infinite Flight would really have to disapppinent me in the next series of updates for me to consider another app.


I don’t consider Aerofly 1 or 2 as competition to IF. Totally different sims and Aerofly still has a long way to go before it can even get close to catching up with IF.

Matt & Philippe be like


Yes, I don’t understand why people get confused over this. Not you, I’m just saying in general.


Requires 1.7 GB
Has great graphics
Limited aircraft
Costly aircraft
Limited airspace
Great textures
Great scenery
Realistic lighting
Customizable times (hour,minute)
Customizable weather (not precipitation)
No multiplayer

Not able to turn on pax. signs, or exterior lights

Does not use separate button for braking
Realistic approach lights, runway lights, papi lights ext.
No customizable flight plans
No cabin lights
No auto land

Overall 4.5

Infinite Flight:
Multiple aircraft
A little costly aircraft
Multiple intercontinental regions, but limited in space

No 3D terminals
Nice water textures
“OK” textures
Not realistic bright lighting
4 times of day
Customizable weather (not precipitation)
Able to turn on pax. signs and exterior lights
Seperate button for braking
Non realistic approach lights, or papi system
Realistic runway lights
ATC in multiplayer
No cabin lights or cockpit lights
Auto land feature in limited aircraft
Customizable flight paths

Overall 7.5

If I’ve mist something in either comparison my apologies. I felt that this was a fair comparison. This was just my opinion on each game.


Closing this as it as nothing to do in this category or even on this forum.

Competition is a good thing, other sims have their own strength and weaknesses but there is no point at making comparisons since Flight Simulators are very complex.

Feel free to enjoy all the ones that are available :)