Aeroflot Virtual?

@ran I’d be down to be a part of Aeroflot virtual

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@ran I’m Russian I can help out with Aeroflot virtual!

Ahh hello again 😂

I would happily help but would have to leave after IFVARB approvement

Here’s a message I got a few days ago. Hope this answers your question.


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Thanks! I’d like to help out the person…

@Gm2kmike20, @thenewpilot, wish I could make it, but I have already the CEO of the amazing awaiting-review All Nippon Airways Virtual Group! My staff is really good… so I’m happy there. Just thought of helping out Aeroflot, because it’s also a good airline.

Could you link me the website for that group? ANA seems like an interesting airline to fly.

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Alright. I already sent you a PM.

This is a thread for Aeroflot so I’ll leave it as such

This thread can be closed @Marc or @DeerCrusher, I got my answer