Aeroflot Virtual?

Thanks @Ecoops123 for understanding what I meant… I’m anyways busy in my own VA, but due to the break going on, we are not really working this week. Just thought of helping someone who wants to make an upcoming VA…

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Oh, um I put it in live, but it must have moved. I’ll change it back to live

Ok, answer to the question. No, sorry.
I’m already claimed by @Ecoops123


You are always a help (I need to get back to EKVA actually) and I’m sure anyone who would want to host an Aeroflot Virtual would be grateful for your help.

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Thanks! Hope to see some cool VAs in 2020 including yours :)

Ok @TimShan05, thank you. I didn’t know actually…


Use these links. For anymore info or questions. Doesn’t hurt to do some research;)

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Thanks @Alphadog4646! I’ve already seen the IFVARB page, but just seeing if someone is making Aeroflot Virtual :)

Then @Will_A answered your question. As you answered yours. If someone was making it. It would be in Reserved. Good day:)

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Good day :)

@Northwest has operated Aeroflot Virtual in the past but it seems that it’s gone by the wayside. Seeing how it’s not reserved or active in IFVARB…

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Well, let’s hope someone makes one soon…

@ran I’d be down to be a part of Aeroflot virtual

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@ran I’m Russian I can help out with Aeroflot virtual!

Ahh hello again 😂

I would happily help but would have to leave after IFVARB approvement

Here’s a message I got a few days ago. Hope this answers your question.


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Thanks! I’d like to help out the person…

@Gm2kmike20, @thenewpilot, wish I could make it, but I have already the CEO of the amazing awaiting-review All Nippon Airways Virtual Group! My staff is really good… so I’m happy there. Just thought of helping out Aeroflot, because it’s also a good airline.

Could you link me the website for that group? ANA seems like an interesting airline to fly.

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Alright. I already sent you a PM.

This is a thread for Aeroflot so I’ll leave it as such

This thread can be closed @Marc or @DeerCrusher, I got my answer