Aeroflot Virtual | Fly the Russian Way! | Official Thread

Amazing job on this thread! @Adrian_K great job bestieee :D!!


Just submitted my application! I can’t wait to hopefully fly with your airline!

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If you want to become staff at a Virtual Airline, this is your chance!

  • The Events and routes department manages Routes of the Week, adds routes to our Crew Centre and organises internal and external events.

  • The PR department handles applications and helps orient people once they arrive. They also manage PIREPs.

  • The Tech manager helps manage the Crew Centre and Discord.

If any of these positions interest you, please do not hesitate to DM us!

Happy flying!

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I’m happy to be serving as staff here!

Look forward to more events!

Hi there,
I left filled application form. Do I need any extra actions from my side?

no, nothing, we will contact you soon, sorry for waiting