Aeroflot Virtual | Fly the Russian Way! | Official Thread

Aeroflot Virtual Official 2021 Thread |


Aeroflot Virtual was founded on the 24th of July, 2020 with an idea and inspiration to showcase Russia in Infinite Flight. We offer a great diverse range of routes across the globe. In the process of development, many individuals have contributed to the Aeroflot Virtual.

Since then, we have expanded our operations throughout the VA world with the likes of many members. Our fleet expands the network of Russia along with our subsidiaries such as Rossiya, Aeroflot Cargo and Aurora.

Aeroflot Virtual runs covers a network of cargo operations across the Russian Airspace with the MD11F. Rossiya and Aurora Airlines are our Domestic Innovation Specialists for a general flight filled with joy and a never-ending spirit of flying. We are grateful to the community for giving us a chance to show the Russian Hospitality!


Position IFC
Founder @Adrian_K


Staff Position IFC
President @AGSilver_04
Deputy President @PilotA320
Executive Advisor @Apollo_Yuh
Public Relations Director @Zhopkins
Event and Routes Director @kit_v_kapushone


Staff Position IFC
Event and Routes Manager Recruiting
Event and Routes Manager Recruiting
Tech Manager Recruiting
Public Relations Manager Recruiting
Human Resources Recruiting


The Aeroflot Virtual Routes Network expands across the globe. We are determined to provide the most exquisite experience to our pilots when flying for us. From the reefs in the Pacific to the desert in the Middle East and the city of Angels. Nothing beats a Russian way of flying!


Aeroflot Virtual is a growing VA determined to provide a journey beyond imagination. For that, a huge fleet is required. Our fleet offers a wide range of aircraft from the best manufacturers. From short-haul to long haul, we have it covered in every aspect possible. In addition, our fleet consists of Aeroflot Subsidiaries like Rossiya, Aurora and Aeroflot Cargo as well. Infinite Flight currently doesn’t have the liveries for Rossiya and Aurora, for that reason we use the Aeroflot Liveries instead.

*Excluding codeshare fleet!


Aeroflot Virtual strives to keep realism in mind. Our ranks are created to be as simple as possible while giving maximum enjoyment when flying. Made by our staff team and with the ideas of our fellow members, we present to you AFLV’s rank system.

Rank Requirement
Cadet 0 - 15 hours
Second Officer 15 - 50 hours
First Officer 50 - 100 hours
Captain 100 - 250 hours
Senior Captain 250 - 500 hours
Commander 500 - 750 hours
Senior Commander 750+ hours


We would like to thank @KaiM and @rebal15 who created “Flare and VANet”, which we use as our Crew Center. Visit their thread on this masterpiece linked below.



Aeroflot Virtual also appreciates @CaptainZac who helped us to host and start using the services of Flare and VANet. Visit Mr Zac’s hosting services for more information.


Infinite Flight Global Expert Pilots



SkyTeamIF was founded in August 2018 by Air France-KLM Virtual Group and Delta Virtual Air Lines. SkyTeam has been the dream of the leadership of the two Virtual Airlines since the conception of Infinite Flight’s Global Update in 2017 and has grown to include six great VA’s on Infinite Flight. The SkyTeam Alliance has flourished behind the scenes with the integration of AF-KLM and DLVA into a centralized slack, with new SkyTeam VAs joining the force.



Introducing a state of the art Cargo Program from Russia. Made in 2021 by our staff to focus on Aeroflot Cargo cargo routes for a better experience when flying. This program is to appreciate the cargo network of Aeroflot in real life by making it virtual. Applications to this program are the same as the one for a normal pilot. Requirements are also the same and this program can be mixed with anyone program mentioned below. We hope to see you flying tons of cargo in our airspace!


Coming Soon


Are you in Grade 2? Do you want to experience the most from the beginning? Don’t worry! We have it covered for you. Introducing the Aeroflot Founder Program. This program is made for people in grade 2 only. In this program, members are allowed to fly for Aeroflot Virtual without any rank restrictions in the way. After you move to Grade 3, we will directly change you to pilot status at AFLV without hesitation. Your hours collected will be automatically transferred and you will get to enjoy flying like never before!


Let’s not forget Aeroflot’s heritage where it all began. Who said we cannot have fun with the MD11F? Let’s try that out, shall we? Aeroflot Virtual brings to you the “Heritage Program”. Designed to keep the old Aeroflot Heritage alive, this program is a blockbuster. After weeks of discussion, we finally decided to have this. The Heritage Program is a program where members participate in weekly events by flying a terminated Aeroflot route. We are also have plans to upgrade this program as soon as possible to offer a better view from the cockpit.

Now I think its time to apply :) Make sure to meet the requirements below and you are ready to fill your form and get started with AFLV.


  • You must have an active IF Pro Subscription to join AFLV.

  • You must be at least 13 years of age.

  • You may not be on the IFVARB Blacklist.

  • You are also to file at least one flight per 14 days. LOA can be taken if needed.

  • Provide a screenshot of your IF stats.




Major appreciation to staffs at Aeroflot Virtual for designing this thread. Thanks to Havannah (AFLV Discord Moderator) for all banner designs.

Aeroflot Virtual is in no way affiliated nor endorsed by the real world Aeroflot Virtual.



Amazing thread!


Wow nice thread. I would love to visit Russia and their oblasts someday. I want to try their cuisine and doll chocolates. Best of luck. 🤙

Yesss, we done it!
Very beautiful 🥰🥰

so glad to be apart of such a great group of people that are so passionate about flying. amazing thread!

Thank you for the kind words!

You can certainly get a birds-eye view of Russia flying with us! It really is beautiful!

Vikram, President

Very beautiful thread…AFLV keeps adapting and finding resources to keep the VA exciting.

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Thank you! I am really happy to be partnered with your VA!


Just applied! Hope I get accepted!

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Congratulations AFLV!


Beatiful thread! applied and I really hope to get in.

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Awesome Thread! We hope you will progress in the future!

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Thank you! I’m glad to be your partner through SkyteamIF!

Yaaaaasssiiinnnn, hello!

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Really nice thread! Good luck with your VA!

Founder & CEO
Air Europa Virtual


I sent my application about 2 days ago and i havent gotten any response yet just wanted to inform just in case it didnt get sent

On behalf of our whole VA, we are pleased to be partners with this awesome VA!!

Deakin Pope
China Airlines Virtual


I am submitting an application to you for the second time. Hope for the soonest cooperation!

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@AeroflotVirtual Hey, applied 3 days ago and no one else wrote. Don’t need pilots?

Hello! Sorry for delays, we had problems in Staff, but now i am accepting applications, and all will be ok, don’t worry.

Egor, AFLV ER director