Aeroflot VA

I have know idea if there is an aeroflot VA but I would love to have one can someone tell me if there is one or not? I think we should there is a lot of aeroflot aircraft

Don’t you have an insane amount of other VA’s already that you need to keep track of? Why add another one?


First, learn Russian.


So true. There are way too many VAs. It’s ridiculous.


Sam it is of my opinion that you are over extending yourself. Don’t do it.

I don’t have them anymore

Don’t be like Yardan Sheikh, please…

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Dearie me. How does he manage to run 5 Virtual Airlines? My guess is that he has no life. I think there should be a rule for one per person.

@Sam1 to answer your question, here is a very simple statement - NO



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