Aeroflot Trip to Sochi!

Today, i flew from UUEE - URSS. UUEE is Russian airport based in North Moscow, so it’s common flight for Aeroflot Tourists.
Arrival is Sochi International.

Aircraft: Airbus A320
Livery: Aeroflot
Departure: UUEE
Arrival: URSS
Flight time: 3 hours
Server: Training

Standing at gate in Terminal F, preparing that cute Airbus

After taxiing to runway 06R we are taking off!

I think it’s bad moonshot((

Touchdown on runway 02 at Sochi

Parked at gate, unloading passengers and cargo

Thx for watching this thread, i hope u like it! Have a nice landings!


Im glad to see someone explore more of russia

I’m from Russia xD

lol, the airbus is super fat, the E-175 though is adorable lol.

I love Sochi. Beautiful and chilly approach, but once you near the runway, you either land or go around immediately. I’ve counted 3 planes that almost crashed on go around when I controlled it for 7 hours once

Just in time for the Grand Prix!

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the airport just needs to swich the SS with the R
then it is perfect lol

Great Photos!

Do you mean F1 Gran Prix?

That’s it!

Are u gonna watch F1?

Yep! PM me if anyone wants to talk about it.