Aeroflot | SVO-LAX | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
I haven’t flown Aeroflot in a while! It’s fun to get to fly Airlines I don’t fly a lot.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Aeroflot 106 Heavy

Route: Moscow Sheremetyevo UUEE - Los Angeles KLAX

Here we go!
Our ride for today

Takeoff from Moscow

Climbing high

Thick jet

Reached cruise

Cool scenery

The Canadian Rockies

The desert

Safe landing in LAX!

Scenic runway exit

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Some really cool pictures, especially the two wing views on departure and obviously over the stunning Rocky Mountains with the low level fog, which looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

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Ooooooooh! That moonshot in the 3rd picture is simply amazing with the shades of gray 😍. I also like the 7th pic with the Rockies 🏔 and fog 🌫.
Keep it up! 👍
Also nice landing in LAX 😉.

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Ahhhhh one of my all time favourite long haul routes
The routing just takes you so far north
The fact it departs Moscow is so much better than your generic LHR-LAX, CDG-LAX or FRA-LAX

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Wow! Amazing pictures. I just did this route but in reverse. 😂

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