Aeroflot Sukhoi SJ100 caught fire during emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport

But we do never know what was inside the plane🤷‍♂️ I do not speculate so I won’t come with any theories, but we do not know what the aircraft was carrying

Yeah, I agree.

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I think it was an electrical failure that caused ththe fire.


A fuel leak?

I heard that landed in second attempt…


Don!t speculate

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Just going to leave this link here… Point Of Order: When it's answered, it's answered.

That’s the 3rd crash this year…

I don’t mean to sound rude, but we aren’t going to do anything.

Investigators know what they are doing.

People died in this crash, and coming up with a bunch of theories really won’t do anything. Let’s be respectful and just let the investigators do what they are doing.

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O MY GOD stop speculating now…Respect for the people and families please!


Not speculation

Anyway. I feel sorry for those that died, may God lead them the way to heaven 🕊

Any form of thinking and saying something someone think is a factor to the crash is speculation, wait for official reports from your respected news source

You can discuss this as much as you want, but providing theories of what happened, and speculating about the cause of the crash is not going to solve the issue. As been stated in many other Aviation incident threads, that speculating, purely based on your thoughts of what could’ve happened, will not help anyone in anyway.

Now I understand that you have a lot of creative ideas and that we all together can solve this, but in reality not. It’s is better to leave the finding out the root cause of this accident to the investigators, who are professionally trained, but you can discuss the crash. Discuss, what we know, what has happened, from what can be seen in the video shared on social media but purely, purely speculating, and only guessing based on what you think, that is not recommended and advised. I’d say contact a Mod if you want to and ask them, on how they see, about how far speculating about this and providing theories can go, but I personally, would stick to the evidence provided and not off-track based on what I think might’ve caused it.

So you can talk about, how a Thunderstorm may be the cause of a crash in general, based on your knowledge, or about how the flames engulfing the plane is dangerous and an added risk to more lives are at danger, and then again, I haven’t seen you speculate, so keep on discussing about the incident, based on what has happened.

Kind Regards, JR 🙂


Aeroflot has since been a non safe airline, but then it sort of improved.

This doesnt mean that Aeroflot isnt a safe airline

It was a Sukhoi Superjet

Okay, let’s keep this on topic and stick to facts otherwise we will have to shut this topic down. It’s fine to discuss, but some of you are just throwing out random posts and repeating yourself and others over & over again.

Enough is enough.



Now I feel like what I’m doing is quite rude, but I still don’t understand your point of view. I didn’t say that by working together as a community will find the cause to the crash. NO! I said that busy working together, we can confirm such information like the weather, casualties, etc. To stop with random ideas being thrown in. But I do apologise for anything rude from my side.

Alright guys! Let’s pay respects and pray for those who died 🙏


No, our job is to standby and wait for more information to be released, not play detective.


This website linked above is a real time lightning detector, that shows lightning and storms all around the world. They are super accurate, with the delay time applied. I always use this application. I find it really interesting using it daily.

Taking a look on the screenshot above, there are many rapid thunderstorms, developing and continuing the North East of Moscow. This might hint us that there is a chance, this Sukhoi Jet was hit by a lightning.