Aeroflot Sukhoi SJ100 caught fire during emergency landing at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport

Just came across this:
BBC News:
Landing video:

Hoping everyone is safe, will keep an eye for more links and information.


Is the cause of the fire known yet?

No information as of now.

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Oh wow. Hope everyone’s safe


Its weird that there aren’t many news articles on it. I hope everyone’s ok as well.

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Hopefully everyone is okay.

It seems like a terrible incident. Hopefully they figure out a possible cause in the coming days or weeks. 👍

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Information coming it’s a Aeroflot sukhoi superjet 100 built in 2017 from moscow to Murmansk

I think it’s over. No news of any passengers aboard though.

If you look up Moscow airport their is information on it coming in it was an emergency landing

Flightradar24 has an alert that it squawked 7700. Not flight in or out right now!

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I got a radio failure alert by that plane (Aeroflot)

Then later on I got a general emergency alert by the same plane (no photo) then it landed and stopped on the taxiway according to FR24.


Here it is it crash landed into flames 🤭

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It seems the aircraft had a normal takeoff, but something happened that caused it to go back to the airport and land…

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There are at least 5 injuries, this is serious and the airframe for certain is a write off. But the biggest question, is everyone OK

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It’s an Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100.


72 passengers, according to one news source.

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That’s unfortunate, I was greatful when I heard there were no passengers, now I’m very concerned

Yes I corrected it 👍🏻

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It’s been confirmed there are at least 70 to 78 people that were on board the flight,with 6+ injuries.

According to this article, it’s a crash