Aeroflot Flight Group (MP)

Aircraft and livery: All Aeroflot Aircraft

Next Departure: N/A

Server: Mainly Training Server

---- @LilSqueejee

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Hello, hank you for visiting the Aeroflot Flight Group Main Page! Here, you can see our next departure time, additional information, and sign up for a gate early! I really hope you enjoy some of our upcoming events! We will be getting highly trusted moderators (who will be in ATC) will make sure people will follow ATC instructions!

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Please use the correct format for making group flights linked in this topic.Thanks!


Wait, is this a VA (virtual airline)? The departure time and stuff like that are missing. What do you mean by mainly on training server?

What I mean by, “Mainly On Training Server” Is that is the server we use for most of our events which will be in a different page which should be out soon.

That sounds a lot like a VO. So, do you have a team or something where you organise weekly events and stuff?

Well we don’t yet have a team, the reason there is the word “Group” in the title is because I plan on it becoming a group and we are currently trying to get a team.

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Would you like to join the team?

Thanks for the kind offer but I’m currently not interested in joining.

I think that means you want to have a VO (virtual organization). This place (live/groupflights) is for organising events and stuff like that.

Visit and you can create your own team/group that flies Aeroflot planes and stuff like that (only after applying and getting through the approval process). First you need to get to TL2 (member) - you’re currently TL1.

Contact the IFVARB members for any questions.

Some awesome IFVARB members:


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Hey Squeej, your enthusiasm is great! Just make sure you are following the rules and heeding the advice of the community and moderators. You’ve posted numerous times and have been given advice on how to participate; don’t ignore it!

Perhaps take a moment to look around and see what goes on here. You’ll fit right in, I guarantee, but you gotta be willing to play along. Organization and format are key, as it would be a mess otherwise.