Aeroflot Flight AFL1492 Secondary Thread(NOT A DUPLICATE)

As you may have seen, a 1.5 yr old SSJ 100 crashed landed in Moscow yesterday, the results were tragic, with 40 pax dead along with 1 crew member. The people who were accounted for did the worst thing possible, they took their luggage. Had they not taken their luggage, several more lives, including children’s, could have been spared. Do not speculate yet, it is still too early in the investigation. We shall have the victim’s thoughts and prayers in our minds for the next coming days. I am from Tallinn, Estonia and the Aeroflot SSJ100 would come twice daily. I live in a neighbourhood near the airport. It is very unfortunate that this occurred, and my thoughts and prayers are with the people affected by this horrific accident. I would NEVER show the onboard video, so here is the video from Dj’s Aviation, whom some of you may be familiar with.
Dj’s Aviation:

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