Aeroflot Boeing 737-800


This is a remake, because the other one wasn’t really detailed

Anyway, if you clicked on this topic, it’s because you want the Aeroflot livery to be add on the B737-800

What is Aeroflot?

Aeroflot, founded in 1923 (one of the oldest active airline in the world) is the flag carrier of Russia, headquartered in Moscow and with Sheremetyevo and Krasnoyarks Airport as its main hubs. Others hubs include Saint Petersburg, its focus cities include such as Sochi, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk…
They operates currently a fleet of 178 aircraft (119 Airbus and 59 Boeing).
Before being banned from multiple countries due to the invasion of Ukraine, they served 148 destinations in 52 countries (in Europe, all the Americas, Asia…)
However now, they operate mostly in Asia (Iran, Kyrgyzstan, China, India, Turkiye…), in Africa (Seychelles, Egypt) and two European countries (Belarus, Turkiye (also in Asia)).
Aeroflot were a member of the SkyTeam alliance (suspended since 2022).

More infos 👇

Why I would like to see it in IF

Well, the primary reason includes the non-existent Aeroflot B737-900 (they never had them irl), if IF will add it on the -800, they should remove the livery on the -900.
Second is a lack of Russians liveries in the sim, even the recent confirmations of Pobeda and Rossiya, a lot of them are missing (this includes the Russian airlines fleet diversity)

Have a look at the others Aeroflot requests 🇷🇺



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Or maybe they won’t have to delete the -900, the Aeroflot group received 2 737-900 last year, which went to the subsidiary Rossiya airline, according to some reports, they could transfer -900s to Aeroflot in the future

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Would love to see this added, it doesn’t make any sense on the -900!

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Didn’t know until now, that they (Rossiya) operate the -900, thanks for pointing it!
Let’s see if they will be transferred to Aeroflot in the future

Still would make more sense of the -800 since they operate more of them!

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Voted! Thanks for this feature request!

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Weekly bump for the Russian community

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Would still love to see this!! hopefully The Neo wins so we can see some more Russian airlines added!!

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