Aeroflot B77W livery

I want to create a post with a purpose of showing you mistakes in Aeroflot livery on B77W.
Just comparison of pics from real life and from Infinite Flight.

  1. Nose.
    1.1 The orange line in IF goes straight ahead, but in RF this line goes to front gear (a little bit down).
    1.2 Russian flag is too high to cockpit in IF - in RF it is near to down antenna.
    1.3 “Российские” word starts under “Ф” (5th) letter in RF, but in IF it starts under “О” (4th letter).
    1.4 “AEROFLOT” is a bit bigger in IF than in RF and this word is a bit down to logo in RF.
    1.5 “А.СКРЯБИН” - is too big in IF than in RF and this word should be in ENG on RH (right hand) of an aircaft. In IF this word is in RUS.

Infinite Flight:

Real Life:

  1. Tail.
    2.1 Orange line from the tail to the 10th door passes thru the up corner of the door in RF - in IF it passes a bit far from that corner.
    2.2 Tricolor is crooked on the tail in IF.
    Infinite Flight:

    Real Life:

    R-Fuselage LH

  2. General.
    3.1 Blue is darker in RF than in IF.
    3.2 Orange line on engines is a bit bigger in RF than in IF.
    3.3 “AEROFLOT” logo is bigger in IF than in RF on both sides.

These mistakes are very noticeable for russian users of sim. Developers, can you repaint current AFL livery on B77W please?


This does not really belong in features as u can only put one pic and i dont really see any request for a specific feature here

Number 1 the livery is already in the game
Number 2 Rendering of the aircraft it won’t be similar to irl so nothing you can do about it
Number 3 Copyright could also be an issue


Please refer to the following post regarding feature requests.