Aeroflot B777 LTFM - UUEE

On Monday, i flew from LTFM - UUEE. LTFM is Turkish airport based in Istanbul, so it’s common flight for Aeroflot Tourists.
Arrival is Moscow Sheremetyevo, best airport in Moscow.

Aircraft: B777-300ER
Livery: Aeroflot
Departure: LTFM
Arrival: UUEE
Flight time: 4 hours
Server: Training

Departure from Istanbul

Climbing to Flight Level

Sorry, i missed some pictures at FL

Arrival to Sheremetyevo

I think it’s Butter than bread.

Reverse on ground💙✈️

Then i parked at gate, and stays phone still at gate, like a real life💙


Cool picks. I would like but I’m out of likes.

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Thanks! Appreciate it

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The photos are wonderful! Shows the true beauty of Russia. It’s a shame not many people fly to Russia.

yeah, they just flew away from Russia… ^(

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I love flying through Russia!

That’s good!

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Great Pics @shafran! that livery looks awesome on the 77W!

Great pictures, but we have to discuss the thing with the best airport in Moscow… ;)

lovely pictures!

Looks like a silky smooth butterization! Kudos to that :) But the real question is, what was your VS?

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-200 v/s, as i know

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Ooh nice! That’s pretty smooth, not gonna lie :)

When 20.2 comes out, do this again and compare the shots!

Also, almost forgot to say, great captures!

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