Aeroflot B737-800

Good afternoon. The simulator has an Aeroflot livery on B739 but it is not real because Aeroflot has no B739. I would like to have a real Aeroflot B737-800 in the upcoming updates. Who wants, vote please. Have a nice day!

Hey there, that’s a pretty livery! We could for sure use it on the 737-800.

Unfortunately there’s already a preexisting topic for this aircraft.The old topic is outdated and lacks information, and I’m sure if you were to add more information and details, the old one could be closed and this one could stay.

Yeah, nobody has replied to that topic in almost 4 years and it has one vote so you can probably flag it 😬😂

strange that I did not find this topic😅


It’s all good! Just be sure to be more careful and add more detail to your topic next time. 😊

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This idea is great. IMO we should delete those fictional livery (except IF) and replace them with those truly exists.

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I agree there is a lack of Russian airlines in the game.


Good idea. Want more Russian liveries. (


TBH we need a livery clean up release or something.
Alternate history and future liveries are fine IMO (transaero A380, A350s on order, etc.), but having the livery on the wrong family of the same aircraft is annoying (another example is El Al B78X). And yeah plz get rid of the Delta B788 if the A333 still has the range to do NEO flights after the rework.
Also some sub-par choices for which livery in an aircraft family to represent. For example, we have AC A319 but not A320, same situation with CA 737 instead of 738.


Feature request to be re-created