Aeroflot Airbus A321

Our huge (not really) Russian community will be very grateful if you add this livery for A321


Hey @sentikum

This is a duplicate post from another Aeroflot A321

You can ask mod to close the other one so this one can stay open. If you were to make that happen I would add a little more detail about the aircraft and its functions.
Have a good one

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Just noticed that you’re from Russia 😉

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You need to make sure you add a link to credit the picture too.


Aeroflot operates 36 A321-200s in its fleet, that’s quite a lot.
This might be a good idea to add Aeroflot to the A321-200 too as we don’t have a lot of European airlines liveries included on the A321.

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Will Aeroflot be added to the A321 on 19.3 update?

Unfortunately it’s still unknown. We’ll have to wait and see.

Let’s have our discussions about the Aeroflot livery for the A321 as the A321 lacks a lot of European airlines liveries and it might be confirmed on the next 19.3 update.