Aeroflot/Aerolíneas Argentinas Merger Flight! @ SAEZ - 212145ZMAR18

Server: Expert

Region: Buenos Aires

Airport: SABE (Aeroparque Jorge Newberry)


Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: Welcome to the first Aeroflot/Aerolíneas Argentinas joint flight. We’re glad you could join. We will be flying from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

Anyone can join- you don’t have to be a part of Aeroflot/Aerolíneas Argentinas Virtual!

Pilots must fly at an altitude of 30,000 ft or higher, as the terrain is very mountainous.

Cruising speed should be set at Mach 0.80

Please use a callsign that follows the form: AERARGXX, where the X’s are variable numbers. However, i will be using the callsign AEROLINE.

Flight Plan

The flight will be approximately 1300 nautical miles and last approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Aircraft selection
The option for aircraft consists of the 737-800 in the Aerolíneas Argentinas livery.

Gate 22:
Gate 23:
Gate 24:
Gate 25:
Gate 26: @Northwest
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 29:
Gate 30:
Gate 31:

Gates can be added as needed
If you would like a gate please comment below

Would you like to join?
To join, either PM me, email us at, or visit our website at

We are IFVARB Certified

See you all in Buenos Aires!

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M.9 is way too fast, the highest I would say M.85 otherwise, it will cause problems

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You should fix your date because it is going to start in 2021 here is a link About the Events Category
Also add yourself in or if all the gates are full, you will park nowhere near them.

I know, I’ve made events before- I just made a stupid mistake

.85 is still way too high that’s like 787 cruise speed. .78-.80 is ideal for a 737

I said the highest for an event. And if you want to go fast M.8 is the best for a 737

Aerolíneas argentinas VA??? who did this? Been asking this livery for 5 years and now suddenly there is a VA? Does it have a webpage so i can check it?

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Just read the thread :)

im asking for information regarding Aerolineas VA. Says here its a merger and i see no Aerolineas Argentinas VA. In fact, im trying to make one myself, i been waiting 5 years for this livery. To all argentinians here in community who is interested in flying for a Aerolineas VA and help me build it, please PM me.

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Aerolineas VA and Aeroflot can be found on the website I showed you above.
In case you don’t know what I mean, here it is:

Click on it and you will find Aerolineas VA (Aeroflot and Aerolineas are together on one website)

thanks for the info!

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