Aeroflot A350 livery

Hello! Well I wanted to do a flight on the Aeroflot A350 but I noticed it was on the old livery and not in the “new” revised livery which the Aeroflot A350 wears irl. So I am asking that the current livery that we have gets replaced by the actual livery as it is unrealistic since the A350 never used that livery.
there was another topic about this but it was asking for the livery to be added and not to replace the current one. @schyllberg understandable have a nice day.

Livery in IF

Livery IRL
(Credit jetphotos)

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@LKA I said this bout it

Oh ok, nvm then. I misunderstood, my bad (it’s 01 a.m lol)

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Its also 1 am here lol

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Hello! Someone has already created a request for this.
Feel free to vote:

This is basically the same, which is why only one request is needed :)