Aeroflot A330 livery inaccuracies

Aircraft with reg VP-BDD has the name A. MOZHAYSKY [eng] on the right side and А. МОЖАЙСКИЙ [ru] on the left side
Also, the registration letters should be fixed to, at the bottom of the wing reg is at the wrong angle and the wrong size, and at the end of the fuselage the registration is also the wrong size and the letters are too bold


Well regardless, making liveries as accurate as possible is something we should strive for nonetheless, correct?

Liveries often are shipped with inaccuracies. For example, there is a support topic out just today for the inaccurate SAS Scandinavian livery, what with a slightly darker blue and a missing logo on the inside of the winglets.

Dismissing a small detail because “not many people would care” is in my view, rudimentary and self-serving, and we should, again, strive for as accurate liveries as possible.

Does this mean all liveries will get corrected? Potentially not, but it doesn’t harm anyone to simply point it out. In the end, it’s up to devs.


These names are on every Aeroflot plane


Do we have a topic about 350 😝?

Aeroflot A350-900 (New/Modified Livery) yes

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y e s w e d o

I was refering to a possible mismatch between registration and livery, not a completely incorrect livery. It turned out this was not the case so my comment doesn’t apply

With all due respect.
I don’t think those small mistakes are really that important. The main factor should be that everyone is enjoying the a330 as whole. I know liveries are a part of the aircraft but these small mistakes should not bring down the fun.

Easy to say when your parents pay for it dude…

The names on Aeroflot aircraft is a signature characteristic of their brand, celebrating artists, writers, poets, and musicians. Just because you couldn’t care less doesn’t mean we should ignore it.


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