Aeroflot a320 livery issue

The red around the engine is off just noticed today hopefully can be fixed.


I think this is caused due to the new a320 poly thing.

What you mean ?

The updated the engine poly, basically they made it smoother, so I believe that the Aerflot livery might have been affected by it.

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The developers don’t care about the Russian community. We want to be heard!

The game does not even have liveries, the call sign “Pobeda”, and this is a popular Russian airline that operates flights on B737-800, in particular.

Even the airline «S7» livery on the B737-800, A320 cannot be updated. Well…


Nah, don’t say that…
I’m pretty sure Podeba can’t be added because of the belly problem on the 737. For S7, I didn’t know it had a problem. Try to make it more known and you will get support for a rework ;^)

I don’t think that’s the issue.

Many liveries have issues, such as the missing “KLM” logo on the First Officer’s side of the B77W, the oversized “C” on the Cathay Pacific 777W, etc.

When the time is right, these issues will be corrected.

Thanks for the report, @Frank_Cullimore! I’m not sure if this a known issue; however, if it’s not, this will be noted.

Have a great day!


Let’s not put the blame on the IF team for a small thing like this. If you want things added to the game make a Features request and see how many people agree with you.

Don’t point fingers


This topic became from talking about the A320 Aeroflot problem to suggesting liveries lol


I’m sorry but how is it not the devs fault if they’re not paying attention to the community 🤔.


He’s not wrong though? Russia is extremely neglected in all aspects, liveries, airports
I have done 107 flights to/from Russia and more than half of them were in the gEnErIc livery
The simple fact is that there’s more Southwest and Frontier liveries than all Russian carriers combined in IF which just proves it


Mother Russia is calling upon you


The difference between the airlines of Russia, and ones like KLM and Cathay is that they are represented significantly less. Yes, there are issues with them, but it’s not as much of a problem when you have several other liveries to choose from. Whilst with Aeroflot, the A320 is our only actual short haul aircraft, since they do not actually operate the 737-900, so the issue is a lot more noticeable and irritating amongst the frequent Russia fliers in our community. I see what you mean though and hopefully, this along with the other livery issues, will be corrected soon!


Okay, so tell me, who is to blame for this? This is so blatantly the IF team’s problem, and they should fix it. Second, he is not “pointing fingers” he is making a valid claim about a problem that should be fixed! It is true that the Russian community and other communities are being neglected.


Like @CPT_Colorado said, it’s a small thing. The game is not going to be 100% perfect. If it doesn’t affect game performance, then the issue is of little relevance.

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Everyone, please, calm down.

Obviously, there’s a slight issue with the engine coloring of the Aeroflot A320 (which I just investigated and confirmed), and I’m sure staff will make a note and fix it when they can - they have with multiple 757 liveries that needed repairs. While I won’t pick a side in this argument that has formulated as a result of this, I will say that it’s not something that we should be arguing about, especially when it’s not relevant to the matter at hand. It’s also not fair to the OP, whose notifications are blowing up, and whose respectful and relevant concern is now drowned about with arguments about diversity, who’s to blame, and whatnot. If you all want to discuss about diversity, do it in a PM (respectfully). Let’s show some decency, please.


To you it may not be a small thing but to someone like @Igor_M who has flown 107 flights in Russia it could be a big thing. Just respect people’s opinions before jumping to conclusions.


What I want to point out is why the OP’s device is only on 2% 😬😬😬


I had it on charge 😉😉

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This is unfortunate. I’m inclined to believe honestly that this issue will be ignored just like the incorrect color scheme of the Aeroflot A350 that’s been there for months…