Aeroflot A320 || From Slovenia to Russia

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to do a flight in Eastern Europe. After much consideration, I decided to do Aeroflot 2611 which goes from Ljubljana in Slovenia (LJLJ) to Moscow Sheremetyevo (UUEE) in the Russian capital city. This was flown the Expert server, in an Aeroflot Airbus A320.

Now, the pictures!

Climbing out of Slovenia over the Alps.

Some cool scenery a little later in the flight.

Quick cockpit shot with the edit you all seemed to like


Another cockpit shot on short final.

Now, I decided to throw in a bonus shot for those nice enough to scroll to the end, so here that is!

Route info:
China Airlines B777-300

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Have a great day, and hope you enjoyed! All photos were edited with Adobe Photoshop Express and/or Snapseed. Thanks for the guide @Suhas

Oh, and of course, happy Christmas! 🎄


Very nice pictures!🔥

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Thank you :)

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Ooh, very nice images! :D

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Thank you Alfie!

I enjoyed that cockpit shot so much that I decided to photoshop it lol

Very nice pictures!!

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